Over the last 60 years, Dynea has designed, constructed and commissioned more than 40 formaldehyde plants around the world.

For new plants, Dynea offers the complete licensor package
including basic process design, proprietary equipment and detail engineering with start-up assistance.
For plant revamp, modernization or capacity increase of customers’ existing plants,
Dynea provides technical feasibility studies leading to implementation of projects that improve operational cost, capacity and safety.

Technology Sales & Licensing - fasil®

New Formaldehyde Plants

Fasil®, Silver Catalyst Formaldehyde Process, with the lowest total operational cost and regarded as the safest way of producing formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde Plants Revamp

Dynea offers innovative revamp services for existing formaldehyde plants in order to boost capacities, lower methanol consumption figures and increase formaldehyde strength levels.


Dynea offers a complete range of services for projects implementation of new formaldehyde plant construction or revamps.

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