From manual to streamlined productions Dynea offers versatille advanced adhesive systems.
Dynea works closely with customers in the furniture industries to produce individually tailored solutions that meet customer
requirements in optimizing production capacity, achieving desired bond quality, utillizing different wood species, as well as environmental and logistical issues.


Interior Wood Solutions

Broad product technology range backed-up by excellent application know-how.

Form Press

Dynea offers customised adhesive systems in line with customer needs for European, Japanese and US standards and regulations.


Dynea offers adhesives for all types of parquet production, according to next generation environmental and process standards.

Board On Frame

Dynea's range of adhesives for board-on-frame applications provides flexible solutions for furniture.


Dynea has a broad range of high performance adhesive solutions for industrial production, as well as for customised production of doors.

Solid Wood Lamination

Dynea’s Solid Wood Lamination adhesives are formulated to offer optimal performance with respect to specific properties of the wood species and the conditions under which the products are manufactured and used.


Dynea’s range of adhesives for veneering is designed for bonding all sorts of veneer to wood-based panel substrates.

Foil Bonding

Dynea’s range of adhesives for Foil Bonding is specially formulated for the bonding of different foil types to wood-based panel substrates.