Dynea offers a complete range of approved adhesives and equipment for structural and construction application.
We provide service and advice on subjects from chemicals to production and enviromental issues.

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Engineered Wood Solutions

Approved adhesives for structural wood application.

Glued Laminated Timber

Dynea provides a broad range of approved adhesives, glue mixing and application equipment as well as technical services for the glulam industry.

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Cross Laminated Timber

The pre-finished building element, which has exceptional dimensional stability, is increasing in popularity amongst archites.


Dynea offers powder as well as liquid melamine and melamineurea adhesive systems for multi-layer-board production.

Finger Jointing

Dynea provides a full product portfolio of adhesives for finger-jointing for both strutural and non-structural end uses.


Wooden I-beams are load bearing beams where the flanges (horizontal elements) are solid wood or LVL and the web (vertical element) typically is made from plywood or other wood panel products.

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