Assume a leading role in innovative analytical research related to organic chemicals and polymers with special emphasis on adhesives and wood technology.


Dynea Analytical Services offers a wide range of analytical procedures and test facilities.
The quality is proven through participation in inter-laboratory Quality Proficiency Programs when available and relevant.
These programs have proven top level performance compared to other laboratories worldwide.


Analytical Services

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art analytical services and support to chemical industries and their customers.

Formaldehyde Emission

Dynea Analytical Services offers a wide range of formaldehyde emission tests according to both national and international standards.

Occupational hygine monitoring

Dynea Analytical Services offers occupational hygiene monitoring for a wide range of organic compounds.

Charaterisation of Polymers

Dynea Analytical Services offers a range of analytical techniques to characterise polymers.

Reach Analytical Testing

Dynea Analytical Services offers REACH analytical testing of polymers. This includes characterisation of free monomer content, oligomers and molecular weight distribution.

Stack Emission Monitoring

Dynea Analytical Services offers a highly sophisticated procedure for online monitoring of volatile organic compounds.