fasil™ Process

Key features for Dynea  undefinedprocess are:


Safe and clean production process:

• No hot oil; using only water/steam cooling excludes fire risk.
• No oxygen in the absorber improves fire safety as well as product quality. 
• The spent catalyst can be removed easily, quickly and cleanly in a few hours and re-catalysation takes less than 24 hours. 
• Only small holding tanks are needed to serve customers during re-catalysation.
• A "self-cleaning" vaporiser continuously removes impurities without loss of reactants.
• Fast cooling in waste heat boiler (Very fast cooling time prevents decomposition of product). 
• Selective formaldehyde absorption, recycling of methanol and water
• Improved yield and product quality  

 Product quality:

• High formaldehyde concentration, up to 55% by weight
• Low formic acid concentration in final product, 80ppm
• Low methanol concentration in final product, down to 0,5%


undefined process

The figure shows the main pieces of equipment and streams in  undefined with methanol, air and water as raw material and formalin as the final product.