Metal Oxide Formaldehyde Plant

Dynea has the necessary detailed knowledge for revamp and upgrade projects of the metal oxide technology

Dynea purchased the metal oxide technology from Reichhold Chemicals Inc., a US company in 1988. Reichold first developed the Formox technology in 1950 and installed more than 100 plants.

Dynea developed the process further and installed several plants until the breakthrough of Silver catalyst process, which offered lower operational cost and the possibility to produce highly concentrated formalin in the mid 90’s. We still retain the knowledge of metal oxide technology and can assist in revamps and upgrades to improve the efficiency and increase the capacity.

Dynea can undetake a comprehensive study of your process and equipment for existing metal oxide plants to review the possibility for: Increasing methanol feed concentration

  • Increasing linear velocity in converter
  • Pressurisation of the plant.

This design concept can boost a metal oxide plant capacity by 20-30%. The investment cost is relatively low in relation to the increase in the plant capacity, thus contributing to a more efficient production capability.


The scope of supply from Dynea may include:

  1. Detailed study of reactor system
  2. Detailed study of vaporiser
  3. Detailed study of absorber
  4. Detailed study of compressor system.

And include design and specification of new equipment, supervision of the installation and start-up assistance.