Technology Sales

Sales and Licensing of world class Formaldehyde Plants.

Dynea is one of the world's leading manufacturers of formaldehyde and formaldehyde based resins, and have been producing formaldehyde for over 60 years.

Efficient operations, advanced process technology and responsible use of formaldehyde are important strategic factors for Dynea. Process technology has been and is a core competence in our company.

Dynea offers for licensing and sales the following production technologies:

•    Silver Catalyst Formaldehyde technology (FASIL) for new plants and revamps.
•    Metal Oxide Formaldehyde technology (METOX) for revamp and upgrade.
•    Resin Batch Reactors for the production of UF, MF, MUF and PF.


Dynea has designed, constructed and started up more than 40 formaldehyde plants world-wide.

As a producer of formaldehyde for captive use, we test all improvements in our own plants before offering them to our customers. Dynea has close co-operation with the pre-qualified engineering company Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, to give our customers tailor made solutions if required.