“A reliable partner with a good customer service - Dynea Tank Cleaning is our first choice in Norway”
Simon Hvistein, Business Unit CHEMILOG / FOODLOG , HOYER Scandinavia, 2015



"Dynea Tank Cleaning Service performs in our opinion an excellent service and is solving all of our day-to-day challenges. This applies mainly for tank container cleaning, but also in other types of service, such as storage, disposal and heating. Dynea Tank Cleaning Service sees the solutions, and one of their great strengths is also the capacity of their equipment/installation ??, but also other services they can offer. This is definitely on of Norway’s most complete and best facilities within its market"
Kjetil Karlsson, Entrans AS, 2015


"Dynea Tank Cleaning maintain high service levels on all their services. They offer flexible and positive customer service, and ensures us the best cleaning of our tank containers"
Jon Morten Arnesen, Conwell Logistics, 2015


"Efficient, flexible, good service, top gear and never a problem"
Arne Amundsen, Haanpaa OY, 2011


"Dynea Tank Cleaning Station is in class for it`s own when it comes to being user friendly, service minded and quality tankcleaning."
Petter Gaarder,  De Rijke Inter Modal, 2011