Tank Cleaning Services

Northern Europe's most modern and environmentally friendly tank cleaning services.

Dynea Tank Cleaning Services was initially established to clean tank containers and tank trucks for on-site use, but has recently been developed for commercial operation in order to offer our services to external customers. With new, powerful equipment, and expertise in chemicals handling, we are able to handle most challenges within tank cleaning. Dynea has its own waste water treatment plant on site. We have two independent cleaning lines. Our high pressure equipment includes quality pumps from Prattisoli and Hammelmann. We have an adjustable pressure up to 400 bar, and a flow of 200 litres of water per minute. The water temperature can be adjusted to any desired temperature between 6 and 97 degrees Celsius. This combination of quantity, pressure and temperature of wash water has proven to remove most impurities very efficiently. Dynea Tank Cleaning Services is a member of SNTCA and is ISO 9001 certified and SQAS-assessed. We issue ECD documentation with international codes for all tanks that are cleaned in our facilities.

Read about SNTCA     http://www.sntca.se/
Read about SQAS         http://www.sqas.org/
Read about EFTCO     http://www.eftco.org/

Concern for the environment and for the safety of our employees have a high prioritiy in Dynea. Dynea`s quality system contains routines for controlling exposure to hazardous chemicals. Dynea has its own biological treatment plant which cleans the wastewater before it is released into the external environment. We are a subject to audits by Norwegian pollution authority.