Melamine-urea adhesives

Melamine-urea adhesives are adhesives which combine the properties from urea and melamine polymers, to ensure optimal and cost-efficient performance.

The composition of the polymer is important for the final properties. The curing process to obtain a thermosetting polymer is performed at low pH and can be performed both at room temperature and elevated temperatures. Additives, curing components and curing properties will all influence the glueline properties.

Melamine Urea adhesives can be used both for separate application of resin and hardener and as mix in system and are well suited for radio frequency curing as well as for hot and cold curing with a wide range of reactivities. String applicator is the most common for laminated beams and the glue lines obtained are light-coloured and will not darken over time. They give water- and weather proof bonds, conforming to Adhesive Type 1 of the European standards for adhesives for load bearing timber structures (EN 301:2006).