Industrial coating additives

Dynoadd additives are surface-active organic polymers which solve flow and levelling, wetting, cratering, foam and pinhole challenges.

Flow and levelling

Dynoadd flow and levelling additives provide effective control of surface tension from application to cured coating. Controlled surface tension improves surface wetting, flow and levelling and prevents problems such as orange peel, craters, overspray, flooding and floating.

Our products are used throughout the industrial coatings market providing original, alternative and dependable solutions to appearance related problems.


Foam control

Dynoadd foam control additives are highly efficient, silicone-free, anti-foam and air release additives. Intended for use at low dosage, these additives prevent foam formation and provide good air release. The use of low dosage also ensures that foam problems can be cured without the risk of causing additional surface defects.

The Dynoadd range includes products for solvent-borne and UV industrial coatings formulations. All our foam control additives in the 700 series are silicone free.



Dynoadd P-Series are monodisperse, spherical, crosslinked PMMA particles. Every particle added gives the desired effect, reducing the volume of additive required. Compatible with water-borne, solvent-borne and radcure coating formulations, these transparent particles give the ability to create textured, smooth feel, scratch resistance and controlled gloss surfaces.


Functional Additives

Dynoadd functional additives bring specific functionality to the surface of your coating. New functional additives that improve inter-coat adhesion, that reduce dirt retention and which improve blocking properties. The combined benefits of Dynoadd surface active polymer technology and specific chemical functionality bring a new dimension to wetting and levelling additive performance.