Solid Wood Lamination

Dynea’s Solid Wood Lamination adhesives are formulated to offer optimal performance with respect to specific properties of the wood species and the conditions under which the products are manufactured and used.

Pieces of solid wood being laminated together is an important mode of production for a variety of modern wood products such as table tops, furniture components, windows, doors or flooring applications. Wood and adhesive need to withstand the stringent demands of the specific operating range of the production process and the end products.


Dynea offers solutions for both interior and exterior use comprising urea adhesive systems with tailor-made hardeners, EPI adhesive systems and D2, D3 and D4 PVAc adhesives.


We offer systems for hot and cold curing, as one component, mix-in or separate application systems.  Our solutions comply with moisture resistance requirements according to EN 204/205, EN 12765 or EN 391, and emission standards according to JAS, CARB (Phase 2, ULEF, NAF) and European requirements.