Form press

Dynea offers customised adhesive systems in line with customer needs for European, Japanese and US standards and regulations.

Form press (curved plywood) is formed from thin veneers pressed and bent into complex shapes to create curved furniture parts such as chair seats, backs and arm rests. This technique allows designers to create unique forms and add functionality to interior products.

Dynea's range of adhesives for form-bending applications is suitable for a variety of curved plywood constructions. Form-pressed furniture parts of high strength can be manufactured with respect to production conditions and end-use of the product. Our versatile adhesive solutions can be customised for all types of production lines and pressing conditions to achieve the best possible performance.

Available solutions for form press include urea adhesive systems with tailor-made hardeners and EPI adhesive systems. Our solutions are suitable for hot pressing, high frequency pressing or cold curing. Dynea has adhesive systems conforming to European standard (EN) quality requirements and European (EN), Japanese (JIS, JAS), American (CARB II) emission standards.

Dynea’s AsWood adhesive system offers a possibility to produce form-pressed end products at emission levels of natural wood.