Dynea's range of adhesives for board-on-frame applications provides flexible solutions for furniture.

Board-on-frame products are wood-based frames, which are covered on both sides with wood-based panels, filled with a suitable distancing or insulating material. The use of board-on-frame constructions for furniture components allows production of stable and lightweight products with comparatively high strength.  

Furniture from high-speed board on frame (BOF) or board on stripes (BOS) manufacturing is a high-precision and complicated process. Adhesive systems from Dynea contribute to a secure and cost efficient production process, yielding consistent high quality end products.

Dynea offers solutions for board-on-frame-based furniture parts, including assemblies combined with surface refinement such as veneering, in a 1-step production process. Available systems are melamine-urea and urea adhesive systems with tailor-made hardeners, EPI adhesive systems and D2, D3 and D4 PVAc adhesives.