Finger Jointing

Dynea provides a full product portfolio of adhesives for finger-jointing for both structural and non-structural end uses.

Finger-jointing is a processing technique for joining pieces of pre-cut lumber to form longer lengths.

Dynea's adhesives can be used in all known finger-jointing production techniques and the company is at the forefront in developing solutions to customer demands such as increased production capacity, high quality glue bonds and more environmentally friendly products. Dynea offers fast setting adhesives curing at low temperatures, low glue spreads and excellent glue line quality, low VOC emissions and formaldehyde-free systems.

Available adhesive systems includes; phenol-resorcinol, melamine-urea, polyurethane (PUR), emulsion-polymers (EPI) and poly vinyl acetates (PVAc's) for cold setting, hot setting and RF curing.

Dynea also offers advice on high-precision dosing and glue application equipment. Equipped with high accuracy flow and dosing meters, recording and reporting features, these machines ensure more safety than most other application systems in the market. Dynea also provided approved glue systems for contactless glue application.