Lillestrøm site

Dynea AS main location is in Lillestrøm, Norway. 

Lillestrøm is located very close to Oslo, in-between Oslo airport and the centre of Oslo. The site is an industrial park operated by Dynea AS and contains a number of companies, ranging from pharmaceutical to logistics and distribution businesses.


The site includes Dynea’s largest and most versatile production facilities, with capacity to produce our complete range of adhesives, liquid as well as powders. Our product and process development departments are also located on this site, which gives us the opportunity for seamless introduction of new products and production processes.


Our biological waste water treatment plant and the energy centre represent the core of the site’s infrastructure. The waste water treatment plant is a large scale plant able to handle all waste created by Dynea and our tenants. Our location next to a nature reserve supports our zero tolerance of pollution to the surroundings.   The energy centre utilises gasses and distillates from production as fuel, in addition to electricity and LNG.


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