Abbreviation Explanation   Link
  ACE Coating Agricultural and Construction Equipment Coating  
  AWA Additives and Wood Adhesives  
  BOF Board on frame  
  BOS Board on stripes  
  BREEAM Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method
  C2C Cradle to cradle
  CARB II California Air Resources Board (American Emission Standard)
  CLT Cross Laminated Timber  
  D2 PVAc adhesive  
  D3 PVAc adhesive  
  D4 PVAc adhesive  
  EN European Standard
  EPI Emulsion Polymer Isocyanate  
  EU Ecolabel European Ecolabel for consumers
  EWS Engineered Wood Solutions  
  FASIL Dynea's Silver catalyst formaldehyde technology  
  GC Gas chromatography  
  GLULAM Glued laminated timber  
  HB Hardboard  
  HDF High density fibreboard  
  HPLC  High performance liquid chromatography  
  IWS Interior Wood Solutions  
  JIS/JAS Japanese Emission Standard
  LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
  LNG Liquefied natural gas  
  LVL  Laminated Veneer Lumber  
  MDF Medium denisty fibreboard  
  METOX Metal oxide formaldehyde technology  
  MLB Multi layer board (Solid wood panel)  
  MS Mass spectrometry  
  OSB Oriented strand boards  
  PF Phenol formaldehyde  
  PP Polypropylene  
  PUR Polyurethane resin  
  PVAC Polyvinyl acetate  
  REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (European Union regulation)
  RF  Radio Frequency  
  SDS Safety data sheet
  SEC  Size exclusion chromatography  
  TDS Technical data sheet  
  UHPLC Ultra high performance liquid chromatography  
  ULEF Ultra Low Emission Formaldehyde