Dynoadd additives offer original solutions to surface tension related problems in industrial solvent-borne, water-borne and UV-cured wood coatings. In addition to flow and levelling our additives provide protection against craters, orange peel, pinholes, fish-eyes and foam in a wide variety of formulations.

Industrial wood coatings are applied in many ways, giving robustness to delicate wood surfaces.


Modification of surface texture with Dynoadd P-series gives the surface a smooth feel, full transparency, and reduced gloss finish. Our newest development, Dynoadd P-560 creates exciting new textures in this respect.


Flow and levelling

Dynoadd F-1 is the all-round flow additive. It gives excellent levelling and crater protection for solvent-borne formulations. It is particularly suitable for acid curing and spray applications.

Dynoadd F-100 is a highly compatible flow and levelling additive for solvent-borne lacquers. It is ideally suited for use in 2-pack solvent-borne formulations.

Dynoadd F-101 is a levelling and wetting additive for solvent-borne and UV-coatings. It prevents surface defects like orange peel, craters, cissing and pinholes.

Dynoadd F-102 is the flow and levelling additive of choice in systems where foam control is of high importance.

Dynoadd F-201 gives an optimum balance of foam control and flow & levelling properties for solvent-borne spray-applied formulations.

Dynoadd F-404 may be used in all solvent-borne wood coating formulations. It provides a combination of flow and levelling, protection against craters and fish eyes, and improvement of surface slip.

Dynoadd F-409 is flow and levelling additive specifically intended for UV curing coating. The product imparts both good anti-crater resistance and surface slip.

Dynoadd F-601 gives good flow, anti-crater and overspray cratering protection in water-borne and high polarity solvent borne formulations.

Dynoadd F-603 is a low-foaming anti-crater additive for water-borne formulations.


Foam Control

Dynoadd F-706 is a highly effective foam control additive for UV coatings. It is effective in preventing generation of foam and it instantly removes remaining surface foam.

Dynoadd F-701B *New Product*eliminates foam, enhances flow

Dynoadd F-707 is a very effective foam control additive for solvent-borne coatings. It eliminates foamgeneration and removes foam from coating surfaces.

Dynoadd F-712 is a foam control additive for UV curing formulations that combines effective foam control and bubble bursting with good compatibility and film clarity.



Dynoadd P-series enables exact control of texture, scratch resistance, smooth feel, and gloss depending on sizes and film thicknesses. Choose from 6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 60 µm particles.