Additives for packaging

Dynoadd additives for food contact coatings and printing inks are fully compliant with current FDA and EU legislation. Using Dynoadd additives in formulations for packaging applications ensures the required appearance whilst avoiding problems with intercoat adhesion in multi-coat applications.

Metal packaging material largely comprises of cans for food and drinks.


Dynoadd additives are effective at low dosages providing cost effective, problem free, reliable, coating application. All Dynoadd additives are silicon free and do not migrate and contaminate other surfaces.


Dynoadd F-300 is particularly suitable as a flow and wetting agent in Epoxy/Phenolic systems due to its good compatibility.

Dynoadd F-705 is a highly effective VOC-free foam control concentrate. It is effective in preventing generation of foam and it instantly removes remaining surface foam. It is approved for direct contact with food.