Dynoadd additive technology brings original solutions and tangible benefits to the coil coatings industry. Our market leading products include flow and levelling, foam control and texture additives.

Pre-printed metal is a highly valued resource for post forming components for the construction, transport and appliance markets. Raw materials for coil coating formulations must provide reproducible, reliable problem free application and defect free high performance finishes.


Dynoadd flow and levelling additives offer the ideal compromise between wetting, levelling, foam-control and anti-crater performance, providing optimum appearance. Foam and popping issues can be solved without creating new problems. The unique properties of Dynoadd texture additives provide a novel, cost effective route to total control of surface texture.


Our newest developments comprise:

Dynoadd F-701B Eliminates foam, enhances flow

Dynoadd F-800 Boosts inter-coat adhesion

Dynoadd P-560 Creates exciting new textures


Flow & levelling

Dynoadd F-1 is the workhorse flow & levelling additive for coil formulations. F-1 provides a good balance of flow & levelling, anti-crater, wetting and foam control properties.

Dynoadd F-100 provides excellent flow and levelling when foam properties are of less importance.

Dynoadd F-101 is the most compatible flow & levelling additive available for coil coatings.

Dynoadd F-102 is chosen as flow and levelling additive in systems where foam control is of high importance.

Dynoadd F-201 is a conventional flow additive with effective foam control performance.


Foam control

Dynoadd F-707 is a highly effective, non-silicone, anti-foam, anti-popping and deairation additive.

Dynoadd F-709 is effective in formulations where Dynoadd F-707 has compatibility limitations.

Dynoadd F-711 combines highly efficient foam control properties with improved compatibility resulting in improved flow and levelling properties. This combination makes it particularly effective in preventing and reducing the effects of popping.


Texture additives

Dynoadd P-series enables exact control of texture, scratch resistance, smooth feel, and gloss depending on sizes and film thicknesses. Choose from 6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 60 µm particles