Dynoadd additive technology provides the ideal platform for achieving reliable, predictable results.  Dynoadd’s alternative solutions for wetting, cratering, long and short-wave levelling problems give increased formulation latitude.

Automotive OEM and refinish coatings must fulfil the highest demands of both performance and appearance. Raw material function and compatibility is a critical factor in achieving the required results. Dynoadd additives provide both function and compatibility, preventing defects without unwanted side effects.


Dynoadd has delivered tried and trusted solutions for OEM and refinishing coatings for more than 3 decades. Dynoadd products offer a reliable alternative to conventional additives and bring benefits such as good transparency, recoatability and inter-coat adhesion in addition to particularly good flow and levelling for both solvent and water-borne formulations.


Our tried and trusted additives for automotive comprise:

Dynoadd F-701B Eliminates foam, enhances flow

Dynoadd F-1 is the ideal, non-silicone flow additive for polyester based solvent borne primers. For clear-coats, it offers good wetting, levelling and crater prevention.

Dynoadd F-100 brings the benefits of Dynoadd F-1 to higher solids primers and topcoats.

Dynoadd F-101 improves the levelling and wetting in high solids clear coats requiring an additive with excellent compatibility.

Dynoadd F-106 improves flow and levelling whilst maintaining excellent clarity.

Dynoadd F-201 is a flow and levelling additive with enhanced foam control properties. It is an effective tool to help prevent popping in 2-pack refinish formulations.

Dynoadd F-404 provides good flow and levelling, in addition to slip and extra brilliance in solvent-borne top-coats.

Dynoadd F-601 gives good flow, anti-crater and overspray cratering protection in water-borne and high polarity solvent borne formulations.

Dynoadd F-603 is a low-foaming anti-crater additive for water-borne formulations.

Dynoadd F-711 is an effective foam control additive with good compatibility that can reduce popping in clear coats. When used in combination with Dynoadd F-100 it enhances the flow and levelling properties, thus reducing orange peel.