Industrial Coatings Additives

Dynoadd surface active polymer technology solves application and appearance related problems in the most demanding industrial coatings and printing applications.

Dynea’s Dynoadd range of additives for industrial coatings formulations encompasses wetting and levelling additives, foam control additives for solvent borne and solvent free formulations, multifunctional surface modification additives and texture additives. Dynoadd additives offer effective solutions to appearance and application related problems across a range of formulation technologies and industrial coatings applications. 


The Dynoadd product range includes additives designed for use in solvent borne, water-borne and radiation curing formulations. Our surface-active polymer technology provides solutions to flow and levelling, wetting, cratering, foam and pinhole problems that differ from traditional additive solutions. Our range of monodisperse particles provides a different approach to new textures and looks for coatings of all kinds.