Sustainability is a wide term used in many different contexts. In Dynea we see sustainability as a goal and guideline.

  1. Sustainable economic development allow return to our owners and necessary investments securing the company long term.

  2. Sustainable working environments ensure our employees a safe and healthy work place.

  3. Sustainability in our production processes ensures minimal negative impact on our environment.

  4. Product development aim at increasing the use of renewable raw materials which will contribute to the sustainability of our industry.

  5. Efficient adhesives systems allow our customers to optimise their production and improve their sustainability.

  6. Our products are important contributors to the sustainable global drive of capturing more CO2 in wood products and constructions.

  7. Modern resins enable finished products with no higher emission than wood it self and contributes to a more sustainable indoor climate.


Our Customer Promise is:

The catalyst for our customers’ sustainable growth